Arthur-Louis Ignoré
350cm x 350cm
All on one roof is a monumental fresco of more than 1 000 m² painted on the roof of the Social Welfare Family A.. » View more
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All on one roof is a monumental fresco of more than 1 000 m² painted on the roof of the Social Welfare Family Allowance (CAF). Equipped with weather resistant paint, the artist pictured for this place his favorite motif, the mandala, creating in parallel links with images created in Montreal and New-York. Started mid-september, the mural fits in the public environment in an original way, making the spectator go higher in order to discover it.
Arthur-Louis Ignoré, also known as Ali, is a young urban artist currently living in Rennes. As soon as he started his studies, he found him self interested in the fine arts in public spaces. He began to reflect on patterns and ornaments, a reflection he still carries out today. Developed in diverse social and geographical contexts, ornamentation offers many sources of inspiration and paths of research. The artist is interested in the evolution of ornaments across the history of art and the role it occupies in our civilizations. Ali's creations always fit in with street furniture and adapts to their specific features. The spaces on floors, walls and roofs are home to paintings with black and white patterns and of botanical inspiration. The ornaments created reveal the cultural mixing of our contemporary cities but also produce a contrast with the aesthetics of the modern city.

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