Animaux de pouvoir chamanique

Nydenlafée, Laetitia Combe
29.7cm x 21cm
Animals with Shamanic Powers and Allied Spirits These drawings made with ballpoint pen on paper are the resu.. » View more
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Animals with Shamanic Powers and Allied Spirits

These drawings made with ballpoint pen on paper are the result of journeys in modified state of consciousness in shamanic worlds.

They are accompanied by stories, as the testimony of a journey traveled through the sensitive. An intuitive retranscription of what is sometimes unspeakable, the answer to existentialist questions outside the philosophical negotiation, a rebalancing of energetic disharmonies encountered in sometimes painful landscapes and sometimes of a breathtaking beauty.
Laetitia Combe is a French artist, visual artist, performer, designer and illustrator. Urban fairy resident in Nice in winters, in summer she finds a wooded refuge in Clans, in the hinterland of Nice, the village that saw it grow. Graduate of the University of Nice in history of ancient worlds, history of art and archeology, but self-taught in her artistic practice, she went very early to meet the image by making small comics, painted canvases borrowed from pop-surrealism and chose street-art in its anti-institutional guerrilla, taking the nickname of Nydenlafée. "Today, I explore drawing in its contemporaneity, combining graphic practices, multimedia, videos and bodily performances.As with the art of easel, my desire is to leave the frame and export the drawing to My favorite subjects are the feminine matrix, the space of the sensitive and the transcendence ... Explored in the sacrality and the desacralization, I apprehend these questions as an existentialist research, as a meeting with oneself and with the world, with a particular form of listening to the emotional, in the voice of shamanism and the warrior who gives a spiritual dimension to my practice. Beyond the creative process, going to meet the work is a gradual journey to meet the self, the universe, to be part of a whole. "

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