Artist FAQs

» Do you have to create an account to exhibit ?

Yes, but it’s totally FREE and it takes just 2 minutes to do

» Is Gojiki free ?

Yes, Gojiki allows you to exhibit your art for free and it’ll stay that way!

» Do I have to sell my artwork that I put onto Gojiki ?

No, you don’t have to. You can show up to 3 pieces of your art on Gojiki for FREE without having to sell them.

» Do I have to have studied in an art school to exhibit on Gojiki ?

Yes, it is compulsory.

» I can’t find my art school in the list ?

Perhaps your school isn’t listed yet. Please click on “click here to add it” and add the name of the school, a contact and an e-mail address. Gojiki will contact your school and complete a file with all the details. In the meantime, you can set up your account as usual leaving out the school which you can add later once the school is registered.

» Why is it important to have your school registered ?

It increases your visibility on the site and provides an additional reference for many buyers when considering a purchase.

» How many artworks can I exhibit at any time ?

You can exhibit as many pieces as you wish for free if they are for sale. Only 3 pieces can be shown for free that are not for sale.

» Is the exhibition time limited ?

No, once your account is set up, you can exchange, share and exhibit your art for free as long as you wish. However, you need to regularly change the pieces and put up new work. An artwork is shown exclusively for 3 months with an option to renew once.

» Can I exhibit a work for as long as I wish ?

No, the longest time a work can be up is 6 months, with an option for one 3 month renewal. This allows art fans to see new work the regularly.

So after 6 months, you have 3 options

1- Apply for free exhibition for 3 additional months

2- Energize the sales by choosing flash sales or promotions. Note: You can promote your artwork from the end of the first month it is exhibited.

3- Exhibit for free without selling (only 3 pieces of artwork)

» Can I sell an artwork for sale on Gojiki elsewhere ?

No, during the 3 month exhibition, you agree to give exclusivity to Gojiki. Should you not respect this agreement, your account will be cancelled definitively from Gojiki.

» How do I get known ?

Share your page on the social networks, speak to those around you, invite your friends to visit your page (see connect with friends), add a link to Gojiki on your site or blog to improve your referencing, speak about Gojiki in your school – the better your School’s page the better your visibility.

» What’s the purpose of the credits ?

Exhibiting on Gojiki is totally free, but we offer you paying options to improve your visibility on the site via a system of credits. It’s up to you to decide if you need these optional services or not. (learn more).

To access these totally optional services, you can buy credits either singly or in packs. Edit your profile -> my seller profile -> my credits

» What are the optional pay services that you offer to improve my visibility ?

Exhibiting on Gojiki is totally free, however, you may decide to reinforce your visibility by using some of the options we make available to you. To use these, you have to buy credits which allow you to pay for the options you select (find out more).

a) Optimise the visibility of your artwork




No of credits

A “New” label
NEW label A ticket « New » will appear on the artwork selected. You will appear at the top of the What’s new? page for a month. This option must be used within the first month of putting the artwork on line.
1 month
5 credits
A “Discover” label
A ticket « Discover », To promote your artwork in the search pages
1 month
4 credits
“Number One”
1 page 
You will be at the top of the search list on the page you target (category or subject)
1 month
1 page Select 1 page
2 credits
“Number One”
3 pages
You will be at the top of the search list on the 3 pages you target (category or subject)
1 month
3 pages Select 3 pages
5 credits
« Last Days »
Promote your artwork before your exhibit time is up to create an urgency to buy for the art fans.
1 week

6 credits


“What’s the buzz ?”
Select 1 page 
Promote your artwork in the section « What’s the buzz». You will appear at the top of the results for your targeted page (category or subject), so you will maximise your visibility and your presence in the pages that are key for you.
1 week
1 page Select 1 page

4 credits


“What’s the buzz ?”
Select 3 pages
Promote your artwork in the section « What’s the buzz». You will appear at the top of the results for your targeted page (category or subject), so you will maximise your visibility and your presence in the pages that are key for you.
1 week
3 page Select 3 pages

10 credits


b) Energise your sales




No of credits

“Flash sales”
Create urgency  and provide visibility for your artwork which will appear on the homepage of the “Flash Sales” section
2 weeks
1 credit


« Promotions »
Stir up excitement ! Offer your artwork at a lower price and it will appear on the homepage of the « Promotions » section.
2 weeks
1 crédit


c) Get yourself known by exhibiting on the homepage and on the private page of all users.




No of credits

  The “artist of the week”
Promote on the home page
1 week
10 credits


d) Understand and use the site better




No of credits

“Premium profile”
Learn more
1 month 3 months 6 months
5 credits 12 credits 20 credits
» What is a target page ?

When you register an artwork on Gojiki, you will have to select an appropriate category (painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, other) and appropriate theme (abstract, landscape, urban, animals ….) You can choose several categories or themes by pressing “Ctrl and ↑ arrow“ on your keyboard.

These are the pages you have chosen to place your artwork. To improve your visibility on these key pages (target pages), there are pay options available (via a system of credits) to help you.

» How to use Gojiki better ?

To make the most of Gojiki, you should speak to those around you, get your friends to join up, share your pages on social media, connect with a maximum of people on Gojiki, and speak about the site in your school. The better representation of your school on the site, the better for you.

Try to present a coherent but varied selection on the site, in terms of format and price to give a true reflection of your talent.

Create, take part in groups to get known, share your experiences with other students and art fans.

» Why exhibit on Gojiki ?

Exhibiting on Gojiki allows you to get known by the global artistic community and art professionals, also to develop your network, to exchange and share …

You can get known at an international level, you develop a professional network, you exhibit for free and sell your art.

» What commission does Gojiki take ?

Gojiki takes 25% on the sales price including tax (excluding transport costs)

»Does Gojiki set the prices for the art ?

No, you decide your prices. Just some advice:

As an artist, you have to be able to justify your price. Of course it’s difficult to decide on a price for something so subjective as the emotions a picture can arouse, but you have to try to be objective.

Some thoughts  :

- What is the price of comparable artwork ?

- What is the cost of the materials you used? You could double this to decide on a price or add the cost of your time

- If you have a record of your previous sales, use these as a guide

- Ask for advice from your teachers, other artists or art professionals

- Look at the prices of other artists on the site to help you decide

- Put up a variety of art and prices to help you get a feel for the best pricing

- Remember to take transport costs into account so as not to have a disproportionate price between the cost of art and the cost of the transport (see how to work out transport costs?)

» How do I package my artwork for transport ?

Pay a lot of attention to this so the artwork is very well protected during transportation.

Some advice :

- Have a look at the numerous videos on Youtube that explain how to pack well.

- Here is some advice from Fedex


» How to choose a carrier ?

We advise you to use international companies like FEDEX, UPS, DHL, TNT for international sales.

We ask you to use a courier that allows you to track the parcel. This is useful should there be any problems.

» How to calculate the transport cost ?

Transport costs can be very high so it is worthwhile investigating the potential costs by zone before putting your art on Gojiki and offering it worldwide.

Use the price grid provided by your transporter for the zone concerned and confirm this to the potential buyer. The transport cost is charged to the buyer who pays the price including tax.

NOTE : If you under estimate the price, any excess will be at your cost. We have noted in the conditions of sale that the artists has the right to pull out of a sale within 3 days if he / she discovers that there has been a significant under estimation of the transport cost and that you cannot accept the difference. However, we advise you to be careful on this point as it is bad for your image and ours!

Some advice to get a price grid

- Ask your transporter to give you prices for different zones depending on the weight and size of your artwork.

- You can create an account on all the courier sites (FEDEX, DHL, UPS, TNT) and immediately see the prices by zone.

- For your information, here is the price grid for UPS in France.

Please note :

 Transport costs can put off a buyer so we ask you not to go over the threshold. Have a look at these points :

- For your artwork at less than 150€, we advise you to not go over 20% of the sale price for transport e.g. an artwork at a sale price of 150€ incl. tax should not be
  charged at more than 30€ for transport (150€*20%=30€)

- For an artwork priced at more than 151€, we advise you to not charge more than 15% for transport and try not to go over 150€ of transport.

If the transport costs are higher than these guidelines, we advise you to :

- Cover the difference

- Put the difference in the sales price of the artwork e.g. Estimated sales price for the artwork is 500€ incl. tax, the target transport price is 15% (500*15%=75€),  however when I look at my transporter’s price grid I see the price to Asia is 150€. So I either choose to put the sales price at 575€ instead of 500€ and a transport cost of 80€.

NB : Gojiki provides some suggestions to help, but you are actually totally free to decide your prices incl. tax and your transport costs.

» What image quality should I upload ?

To have the best zoom quality in the pages presenting your art, you should upload images with a maximum size of 1200*1200 in the field « photo » when creating your artwork file. The ideal compression is 80 – 90% in order to maintain good quality.

We recommend that you upload a « thumbnail photo » of your artwork to avoid any deformation on the homepage and the “profile” page where the allocated space is square. The photo should be 300*300. Concentrate on the main part of the artwork that you want to show.

IMPORTANT : When you are going to upload the images, please upload with the proportional dimensions (height and length) to the original artwork so that we can show exactly the dimensions on the “view in a room” option.

» How many pieces should I exhibit at any one time ?

To optimize your visibility, a minimum of 4 works on your page is essential. Try to put forward a variety of styles, formats and prices to show your talent.

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