Jeanne Berbinau Aubry
fluorescent tube, alum, polyesterene, ballast,starter
120cm x 10cm
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"Jeanne Berbinau Aubry’s works interrogate natural and mechanical phenomena. In her sculpture and installation work, Jeanne diverts objects by transposing them from their initial state towards, in many cases, paradoxal alternatives. The fictionalization processes of her works involve long periods of macerating an idea, knowledge and technique which reveal a multi-dimensional apprehension of reality. In one of her video works we come across the projection of a small, experimental forest of bioluminescent plants which could eventually and inevitably function as public lighting. Her cierges which are composed of paraffin wax and gun powder are aborted explosions contained within an object which has ultimately been desacralized. If light occupies a central position in Jeanne Berbinau Aubry’s works, it is the neon light which regularly plays the principal role. Whether the neon be artificially maintained in activity, re-employed in the confection of an unusable chandelier or petrified in a plexiglass aquarium in the middle of a cristallization, the neon is returned to it’s initial status of imprisoned gas. When Jeanne Berbinau Aubry releases essences into the atmosphere, they are those which she has left to macerate in alcohol so as to obtain a liqueur, the quintessence of a place which has been «bottled up» and in which the effluvium is discreetly diffused." Benjamin Laugier

Created in 1970, Villa Arson was conceived as a type of art institution which brought together an national art school, an exhibition center and a site for artists-in-residence. Today, the Villa Arson is a public establishment with a vocation for education, research and support for creative projects, and a desire to present the most contemporary artistic practices to a broad and diverse public. With a student body of around 200 in a single art program with a 3 to 5 year curriculum leading to state diplomas (DNAP–DNSEP equivalent with a Master).

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