Arina Essipowitsch
Cut and Folden Photograph
270cm x 270cm
FOLD, an installation, consists of a large-scale double-sided photographic print that has been intervened by cuttin.. » View more
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FOLD, an installation, consists of a large-scale double-sided photographic print that has been intervened by cutting and folding. Its dimensions range from a compact 45x45x10cm album, to a 270x270 full size image, to a fragmented and fully extended configuration measuring 270x1170. The viewer is invited to reposition the imageʼs square modules, recombining fragmented details to compose new volumes. Thus s/he participates in a novel experience of imagemaking, reconfiguring visual pathways, mixing recto and verso, and making details (the figure, the protagonist) appear and disappear. Somewhere between folding map, a puzzle and a memory game, FOLD is a heterogeneous and constantly shifting three-dimensional image. It establishes a space of play, departing from the static one-sided print that is designed to be read horizontally and seen from a single point of view . Here the image is instead read dynamically, through the process of image-making itself.
The subject of my work is identity. I conceive of identity as something that can’t be unified. Multiple, plural, fragmented, split, palimpsest identity-these are terms that I work with. My pieces combine adapted to now old techniques as film photography, handpulled prints, and today’s problematics as eclecticism in a society of globalisation. I started my research from the autobiographical perspective, questioning my past and where I belonged. Using different analog cameras, it became possible for me to invoke the voice of time and tell today’s tales from a multiple perspective of the past. I followed a migration pattern. Born in Minsk Belarus, I immigrated to Germany with my family, then to France. My biography and displacements have shaped not only the content but also the body of my work. Using different types of camera is also a means to trace a parallel between plurilinguisme (languages) and non-linear narration through pictures. My pieces take the form of site-specific installations, objects, and artist books.

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