Camille Tan
sculpture, installation
10cm x 120cm
Year of creation:
Structures en bois, 7 contre-formes de plâtre - dimensions variables - collaboration Cyrille Hassoun - installati.. » View more
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Structures en bois, 7 contre-formes de plâtre - dimensions variables - collaboration Cyrille Hassoun - installation 2014

Cette installation de sculptures en plâtre est le résultat d’un travail porté sur les transferts de volume et de densité entre espaces intérieurs/extérieurs en utilisant comme outil l’enveloppe protectrice des objets, leur emballages de polystyrène ; utilisés comme matrice pour aboutir à des contre-formes. Les creux produisent une image, une empreinte précise, détaillée. Ainsi, on vient remplir le vide de plâtre pour obtenir des formes pleines.
Les logements s’apparentent à des maquettes, ou petits édifices qui convoquent des référents urbains et des formes architecturales.
Les socles sur lesquels reposent les plâtres constituent en quelque sorte les fondations, piliers de ces constructions où s’établit un jeu précaire entre lourdeur et fragilité, pleins, cavités et équilibre des plâtres.
In my work, the matter is constrained, just like the body, both in action and in the making, it is tested. Therefore, it is common to build tensions, ambiguities, to play with forces and sometimes to bring the matter to cause its own breaking. The trace, the manufacturing processes, the accidents ; every coincidence is important. Trivial objects, brand-new daily materials or materials extracted from their initial contexts reveal the reality of a changing world, crumbles and rebuilds itself but also of a world which abandons, throws away and continuously buys other objects. My approach reconsiders the relationship between sculpture, space, time and action, by questioning the experience and the future of these objects. These experiences reveal an attempt to command the entropy. I often try to thwart time by modifying the stage of life of the objects, by altering their states. Slowing down the erosion process by freezing the ephemeral or speeding up the process by aggravating deterioration. The idea is to enhance their actual structures and their properties through proposed sculptures and installations which challenge their possibilities and their plasticities

EESAB was founded on December 27, 2010. It brings together the higher art schools in Brest, Lorient, Quimper and Rennes. These four schools had previously been part of a single association for over twenty years. This association was formed to promote and develop the higher arts schools in Brittany and played a unifying role in promoting their activities and forming partnerships with other cultural establishments.

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