Un espace privilégié...#3

Fred Michiels
acryl and oil and spraypaint on canvas
61cm x 82cm
Un espace privilégié, dédié à un rituel contemporain installation view
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Un espace privilégié, dédié à un rituel contemporain

installation view
A small project, but a real threat. The concept of (auto) massacre in times of crisis. An excessive political cruelty that comes to have a negative effect on the preservation of the power it is supposed to uphold. I was wondering how to make sense. And trying finding issues that are urgent and can everything be controlled by means of targeted, ubiquitous threats in real time, accompanied by a moral discourse? So I was trying to make a new series of paintings (2014 - 2017) about the "monopoly of the use of legitimate armed violence." About an anti-genocide fire-fighter with credit cards and a good cigar. His energy is free of gravity and moving up into the atmosphere. Or perhaps a situation of anarchy? One in which nothing is pre-determined, in which there are neither obligations nor prohibitions, in which nothing is foreseeable. For clarity's sake... The best government is that government which governs least. 'Cause nothing mattered more than stability. To want disorder is still to want! Life is very hard and sometimes it completely panics me. In the end, we're all "just folks". And when we die we all become fly food! (The idea that you nourish things in your death is kind of comforting...)

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