Un paysage de peintures No. 3

Masahiro Suzuki
Installation (mixed media)
350cm x 350cm
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Echo of tinge for reading In the presence of painting, we are all poets just as we are in the face of nature. We try to capture what we feel, see, touch and hear. Within imperfection, we replace the missing images. During this process, we find a movement or the motion of an instant. This way, we are travelling to contemplate the elements already there. The scent of a polished pine wood frame. The cotton textured canvas accurately stretched. Rabbit skin glue turned into thick liquid. A large and small red marten hairs brushes. The compound paint pigments, carnation oil and linseed, and turpentine mixed with damar resin. Let’s listen to my fleeting gesture. The silhouette of colours leaves me an imprint where I am: I’m going. This trace vaguely sketches archaic memory. All materials lead me to the essence of creation. Then they are the witness of each other and talk to me. Painting is like a dialogue. On a simple form, I ask, answer intuitively, in a hurry. The colours are the painting’s voices, resonating as they are pressed against each other. This colourful vibration accompanies us on a long journey to our cradle. At that time, I would be the alchemist or shaman who assimilates their languages to open the door of everyday life and raise a pure sensation.

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