Gojiki is the 1st professional network - just for Art

1- Discover quality artwork and unearth emerging talents

Gojiki pulls together Art school graduates’ work from all over the world

Look for Art that suits your taste Browse Art or take a look at artwork already organized by subject or category.

2- Buy / invest directly from artists

Buy good quality original artwork for yourself or arrange a group gift

Invest in tomorrow’s talent

Discover artwork on promotion or in flash sales

 3- Create your artistic profile

Gojiki is more than a gallery – above all it’s a place to share the love of Art and to reveal your tastes in Art

Like, comment, share directly with the artists or other Art lovers

Pin up your favourite pictures on your virtual wall

The Gojiki experience starts now!

It's up to you to live it, vibrate with it, to meet incredible people and to open yourself to unique experiences…

We wish you lots of pleasure and above all, don't forget: « No art, without artists! ». 

The Gojiki Team

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