BY Chatel Selected Fine Arts


    Etienne Cendrier
    Guy Briand
    Art Construit
    Eric de Dormael
    Constructions en acier
    Hassan Massoudy
    Calligraphie latine et arabe
    Coralie Beauchamp
    Créations luminaires
    Gabriella Moussette
    Huile sur toile
    Chantal Perrin
    Livre de lumière
    Christel Sadde
    Art Cinétique
Bernard Yves Chatel


Set in a beautiful 18th century building, the gallery offers a light filed space with great volumes, as the perfect backdrop for exhibitions. BY CHATEL Selected Fine Arts regulary showcases intriguing and enticing fine art pieces, sometimes as solo exhibitions or as collaborations : painters, photographers, sculpters, modern furniture designers. Collaborations done with one goal in mind: create beautiful and unexpected combinations.


 58 rue des Tournelles
 75003 Paris

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