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  1. Posted 01/03/2017
    Visual Arts peer-sessions / Spring 2017
    Cité internationale des arts

    French and foreign artists can send their application to the Cité internationale des arts who organizes peer sessions dedicated to different fields: visual arts, music, writing and performing arts. Composed of independent curators, heads of art schools, music schools and art centres, and representatives of the City of Paris, the Ministry of Culture and Communication and of the Institutfr .... » View more

Angélique Veillé


The Cité internationale des arts is a Foundation recognized of public utility which aims to welcome in residence foreigners and French professional artists in Paris. Each year, more than 1000 artists, coming from more than 55 countries stay in one of the 325 residence’s studios. This institution was dreamed by Eero Snellman, a Finnish artist, during a speech he gave for the Exposition Universelle of Paris in 1937. After the Second World War, .... » View more


 18, rue de l’hôtel de ville 18, rue de l’hôtel de ville
 75004 Paris


  1. Concert-Cité / Ensemble regards
    Lundi 6 Février 2017

    Ensemble Regards

    Regards-Alternés #1 est le premier concert d’une série jouée par l’Ensemble Regards. Le programme dévoile les pi&eg.... » View more

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